Licenced location agents for Seats2Meet in South Africa & Australia  

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Connecting Entrepreneurs and Creating Dynamic Business Opportunities

We connect Business People to Business People. Why? To create opportunity; to create social impact; to increase innovation; to motivate connections, collaboration and growth. How? Through the S2M Passport. Sign up and become instantly connected to 170 000 entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself, plus mentors, coaches and experts that can help you turbo-charge your business. Take back control of your future.

We connect Business People to Creative Spaces (Co-working Communities). Why? To meet new people; to generate a sharing community and fertilize a sharing economy; to promote self-help programs and a whole new way of learning. To match people with complimentary projects, insights, challenges, solutions and values. Use our registered 'Creative Spaces' and book yourself into the S2M Ecosystem.

By getting introduced to the right people with the S2M software, sharing knowledge and educating ourselves on the S2M platform. We grow stronger together as we share our knowledge, expertise and experiences. Take charge of your own development. Become matched to fellow entrepreneurs by industry, interest, project or specialty via our unique S2M Ai backend system that we call 'Serendipity'. Meeting together is no longer left to chance.

With this we welcome you to the new age of collaboration & learning.

Seats2Meet SA is a unique interconnected social business ecosystem that is designed to shift entrepreneurial business practices into the new GIG economy. We do this in close collaboration with our Dutch partners, Seats2Meet, by connecting flexible working spaces with progressive entrepreneurs and in the process offer them a new way of engaging with other businesses, clients, mentors, trainers and experts in their field. As locations (co-working spaces) registered with Seats2Meet SA you benefit from an international network of like-minded venues and business owners who face the same challenges as you and your business daily.

Exclusive to this network is our customised 'Social Capital' technology that connects these business owners via the S2M Passport to an infinite system of business support from social mentorship and coaching to relevant events and training. This is made possible through our unique user Passport, serendipitous interaction and real-time facilitation of questions and answers generated throughout our global network.

Change the way you work. Change the way you evolve.

Search for and find convenient Co-Working Spaces to suit your needs, from open plan space and hot desks to private offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms. Book your desired workspace directly from our website and benefit as a Seats2Meet SA ‘member’ from discounted prices and our unique set of services for entrepreneurs.

Exclusive to all Seats2Meet SA ‘members’ is the ability to see and be seen when you use any of the designated Seats2Meet SA approved Co-Working Venues. Our unique ‘Serendipity Engine’ identifies fellow co-workers at the venue allowing the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people and businesses relevant to your business, project or interest.

Central to Seats2Meet SA is business collaboration. Competition is so old-school; collaboration is the new business practice. Seats2Meet uses specially designed technology to bring both businesses and people together to co-work towards common goals, share common interests, offer help, be helped, mentor and be mentored in an ever-changing world.

Seats2Meet SA encourages any establishment to create a Co-working space from underutilised areas in their business, organisation or even their home. Like Air B&B you can establish your own space that will generate income or become a marketing tool for your business or organisation.

Seats2Meet SA facilitates ongoing events, through all their participating Co-working Spaces, aimed specifically at empowering the entrepreneur. Our dynamic Calendar of Events will keep you informed of all entrepreneurial activities, seminars, workshops, guest talks (GT’s), TED events and discussion forums taking place throughout the country.

International Connection


Seats2Meet South Africa collaborates internationally with the well-established and respected Seats2Meet platform based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Seats2Meet represents hundreds of Co-Working hosts (locations) throughout Europe, the British Isles, Malaysia and America. Collaboration with People & Places affords them a respectable and trustworthy connection to Africa.

Seats2Meet South Africa is proud to be an international location partner with Seats2Meet Netherlands.

This international partnership allows business people to book while travelling to and from South Africa using all the benefits that Seats2Meet offers its members. They get the same opportunity to meet like-minded people and network with relevant businesses while travelling.

Our international presence is growing by the day, soon to expand into greater Africa where Seats2Meet South Africa have established connections with progressive Co-working Spaces and leading entrepreneurial development organisations in a bid to promote business expansion on the continent.



Hosts registered with Seats2Meet South Africa have the potential to attract business travellers from many areas of the world, and soon throughout Africa as well. Business Tourism is rapidly on the increase so this connection is hugely valuable to offer office and meeting space for travellers both locally and abroad. The Seats2Meet Services uniquely engage with entrepreneurs at all levels, from startup to established business owners. Through Seats2Meet South Africa hosts are marketed using the International Seats2Meet technology platform, and become a part of the emerging trend towards a GIG Economy that is rapidly taking hold worldwide.



Seats2Meet South Africa members gain access to more than 178 locations, 1784 innovative workspaces and 363 meeting places worldwide and, most importantly, thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide from which to tap into for information, collaboration and business. The International Seats2Meet ‘Serendipity Engine’ connects business owners, mentors, experts and entrepreneurs throughout the developed world, and the Seats2Meet South Africa event management, business coaching and training programs are designed to support the needs of the independent business owners from startup to established businesses.




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